Infrastructure’s role in industrial decarbonization

12 October 2023 Events

Hosted by Bredin Prat

As part of Paris Infraweek, Bredin Prat is organizing a round-table discussion on infrastructure’s role in industrial decarbonization.

The industrial sector currently accounts for 20% of France’s CO² emissions. To meet the country’s carbon neutrality objectives, the sector will have to reduce its current emissions by more than 80% by 2050. This industrial decarbonization will be implemented through various means, particularly through technology, such as hydrogen or carbon capture solutions, which will be developed, operated and financed by infrastructure players.

This challenge raises a number of questions: What are the precise decarbonization strategies of each industrial sub-sector? Are the technologies envisaged today sufficiently mature to achieve our objectives for 2050? How can we establish the right funding arrangements and legal framework for these new infrastructures? Finally, what does this approach actually involve, particularly in terms of the volumes of decarbonized energy to be produced, transported and transformed in the future? Read more