Bredin Prat


Today, cross-border transactions represent two-thirds of the firm’s activity.

Bredin Prat’s cosmopolitan teams enable the firm to handle matters in some 15 languages and in several jurisdictions, whether common law or civil law.

The Brussels office, which opened in 1999, meets the needs of international clients whose strategic decisions are often impacted by European regulatory requirements.

In parallel, Bredin Prat co-pioneered, over fifteen years ago, the establishment of an international network of independent firms who are market leaders in their respective jurisdictions: the Best Friends. Working as integrated teams, the network allows Bredin Prat to advise its clients on their cross-border transactions and litigation matters while maintaining the highest standard of expert advice.

Bredin Prat’s relationship with its Best Friends is not constrained by a formal alliance.  The firm is always free to work with a client’s preferred legal adviser in any jurisdiction if the client so wishes.