Bredin Prat advises Suez in connection with the Veolia’s takeover bid

14 May 2021 Press releases

Bredin Prat advises Suez in connection with the Veolia’s takeover bid.

On 14 May, 2021, Suez and Veolia have signed a combination agreement. This agreement enables Veolia to acquire the strategic assets needed to pursue its goal of building a global champion in ecological transformation, while guaranteeing a coherent and sustainable industrial and social footprint for the new Suez, reiterates the social commitments made by Veolia and confirms that the acquisition price per share of the Suez Group will be raised to €20.50 (cum dividend).

A Memorandum of Understanding has also been signed between Suez, Veolia, and the consortium of investors composed of Meridiam–GIP–CDC/CNP with a view to creating a new Suez comprising Suez’ Water and Recycling & Recovery businesses in France as well as international assets, and growth prospects and development capacities both internationally and in France.”

The Bredin Prat team advises Suez with the following team:

  • Corporate: Benjamin Kanovitch, José Maria Pérez, Adrien Simon (partners), Laura Gabay, Jérôme Vincent, Corentin Thomas et Ghita Maata
  • Competition: Olivier Billard, Igor Simic, Yelena Trifounovitch (partners), Guillaume Fabre (counsel), Benoît Gerard, Guillaume Vatin et Albane Guyot
  • Public Law: Yann Aguila (partners), Guillaume Froger (counsel), Guillaume Léonard et Wallis Hebert
  • Tax: Rima Jirari
  • Dispute Resolution: Florian Bouaziz, Jean-Daniel Bretzner (partners), Calmann Bellity (counsel), Alexandre Desveaux-Florek et Marc Thuillier
  • Financing: Karine Sultan (partner), Mathieu Arnault et Elsa Tessier