2024 short listed artists for the Jean-François Prat Prize

30 April 2024 Press releases

13th edition of the Jean-François Prat contemporary art Prize,
On June
4th 2024
Short listed artists: Henni ALFTAN, Hyunsun JEON, Christine SAFA

The Bredin Prat Foundation for Contemporary Art invites the three short listed artists of the Jean-François Prat Prize 2023: Henni Alftan, Hyunsun Jeon and Christine Safa, to present their works in a group exhibition.
This annual event is the main international prize forcontemporary art dedicated to painting, in France.

Henni Alftan is an artist who paints like a photographer, favoring the framing of a fragment or a detail, rather than overall views liking to decenter the subject, alternating blur and sharpness. The flat, non-narrative depiction of a banal, all-too-perfect world plunges the viewer into a sense of the uncanny.

Hyunsun Jeon’s painting consists of an accumulation of flat strokes painted in watercolour, sometimes suggesting digital art, and geometric shapes, brought together on canvases without volume in a complexity that ends up artificially creating reliefs, landscapes in volume and shapes from which life emerges.

Christine Safa’s painting focuses on moments and places charged with emotion, that memory has retained. Faces mingle with the mountains, silhouettes rub shoulders with horizons, figures arise in the landscape, reduced to the essential, and become a vibrant layer of paint. Using a warm palette that acknowledges its Mediterranean origins, her work focuses on what remains present, simply but fully.

On June 4th, 2024, the jury will be chaired by Jean-Paul Agon, President of the Friends of the MAM Paris (Museum of Modern Art of Paris) and President of L’Oréal, with the artists supporting curators Daria de Beauvais, Karen Schlageter and Jean-Marie Gallais. Read more